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Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm a "Cho Show" Hoe

Margaret Cho just posted this long trailer for her new VH1 show "Cho Show" in a myspace bulletin. It looks SO good. I can't wait!

The show premieres on August 21st. I was thinking of doing something really cool and having a national date night, where a bunch of us all watch the show together...but from our own homes around the country:-) I'm trying to figure out how to do that since there are all the different time zones and it'll be airing at least 3 times that night. We'll make it work though! Send me a message if you'd be interested in doing that. We could like all get on webcam and in a chatroom together. Then of course, it would end like all of my date nights end...massive orgy.

Yes. Yes, indeed. Leave a comment if you'd be into doing that (minus the orgy)!

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Anonymous said...

omg im going to watch this religiously when it comes out. i love cho!!!!

Skylar said...

Damn I wish I was back in the states so I could view the clip. I love cho!

Proficient Procrastinator said...

I totally want to have a giant cho orgy

Alexa Shae said...

wow. I got teary eyed...again.

Britta said...

I'm looking forward to that. I especially love how funny her parents are, and how willing they are to laugh.