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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lesbian After School Special?

Yeah it's special alright.

Is this the week for 15-year-old lesbians, or what??

First a couple of my brave, articulate readers were on Fox talking about being out at school at 15, and today I get this cool vid from a couple more 15-year-old readers. Is 15 the new 30?? Naw, I think 15 is cooler than 30.

So yeah, these chicks (and that one dude) put together this vid. There are some spots where the music makes it hard to hear the dialogue, and I don't know what the eff is goin' on at around 3mins, but I give it a strong A grade! Juno-kudos, lasses. Get it, "lass..." for their way of saying Lesbian. After. School. Special.

Because of their age, I didn't feel comfortable giving out their myspace urls (but you're smart cookies) if you want to leave them a comment and/or leave your myspace/facebook url, do it here and I'll be sure to tell them to read it.

p.s. the stalking, mountain dew stuff makes me giggle.


Amanda said...

What a cute show!
I'm even more impressed that they're 15!

Any idea what the song is playing at the end when she's lying on the bleachers??

Layne said...

Okay.. this can't get any more lez. I'm one of the readers that was on the Fox news special and I started watching this video and was like.. "I KNOW THEM!!". Lmao. Guys, I love you and great video.

leah said...

Just thought you should know... if you would notice that one of the readers that was on the Fox news special was ALSO me [Leah Matz, hello there.], is also the character who plays Megan... because that would also be me. Hey there. ;)+

leah said...

...and all of the songs are listed in the final credits, but that would be 'all hail the heartbreaker' by the spill canvas.

Jacey said...

Obviously 15 IS the new 30, just look at Miley Cyrus! *rim shot*

...Hah but seriously, this is awesome. And dude! We have the same guitar!

Lauren said...

15 is most definitely not the new 30. I know because just last year I was a fifteen year old OUT lesbian in school and work and home,'s just not. I'm really happy for the visibility of gay and out teens [because we do exist], but I also want to bring attention to the fact that the rate of gay teen suicide is off the charts, and we're constantly singled out by school administration in more Conservative towns.

Don't get me wrong, this is incredible, I just want to make sure that discussion continues about making the world safer for younger gays and lesbians. It's MUCH better to be 30 and gay than it is to be 15/16 and gay.

--Lauren, a sixteen year old lesbian in one of the most Conservative towns in the nation, proudly out and never quiet about our reality.

Anonymous said...


Know that the character who plays Megan in the show works for GLSEN, an organization devoted to making schools and communities safe for LGBT teens.
It's all good in the hood.

myselfgurl said...

15 is not the new 30 because im 16 and my cousin is 30 and it is worse for me because people in my school are a lot less mature that the people at her place of work.