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Thursday, December 25, 2008

"I'm Going to Go Take a Shower and Wash the Smell of Clown Off of Me."

It's the Britney Spears song you didn't hear on the radio:-)

Alright so I'm loving these reader recommendations! Yesterday was Jenna's awesome major art project where she walked around the streets of San Fran topless (my fav type of "top"). Today's submission comes from a reader named Jeru whose ex girlfriend's sister (*deep breath*) plays the bride-to-be in this funny clip. There are some really good quotable quotes, including the title of this post and "Oops. I fucked your sister." Um...did someone say myspace headline? Yeah-huh!

The vid was just added to the website FunnyOrDie (the site that brought you the Prop 8 Musical)...if you dig it, CLICK HERE to show your support and let them know with wicked cool comments.

Fun fact: Both Jeru's and Jenna's myspace profiles have UH HUH HER songs as their defaults, and they both live in the same part of northern Cali. Perhaps I should relocate? They seem to grow 'em good up in those parts. Mmmmm....

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Jeru said...

I have probably watched this video 50 times or more, it gets better and better every time I see it. And you're right, lots of quotable lines...

And yeah, Northern Cali is pretty good, although I am relocating to Portland in July.

Keep up the amazing blogs Arlan! You are awesome :)