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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm emceeing Colorado Springs Pride on July 19th!

A few weeks ago, the crazy folks at Colorado Springs PRIDE invited me to emcee the event this year! I'm extremely flattered, confused, honored and nervous:-D I'm bringing along a few friends (Lisa, Johnny & Terra!) and I can not wait to share my PRIDE with the good people of Colorado Springs.

If you can make it, definitely come hang with us. I'll need all the support I can get!



Meg said...

Oh yeah, I'll be there. I'm bringin my best friend, too!

Mika said...

Oh that sucks! I'm going to Seattle next week (JUST missed Seattle Pride), and now I'll miss this too! Ack!
After all you've done for me, it would have been great to see you there... sigh.

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME Arlan! What a great opportunity! I wanted to go to London Pride this weekend but I don't have the money :[ laaaaame. But yay, remember to update us with how it went!