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Monday, January 03, 2011

Take Me To a Planet...

POP QUIZ! This is Janet Jackson kissing Ellen:

This is Janet Jackson NOT kissing Ellen:

Q: Which picture shows Janet at the highest level of lesbian-friendly she's ever been?
A: Trick question! The answer is NEITHER.

Cause GURL, if I had to list all of the lezzy tendencies Janet has shown throughout her musical career, I'd have to rename my blog. She's almost as gay as Gaga...almost. Years and years ago, after a very messy divorce, Janet's ex-hubby was going to betray her and release some silly tell-all book revealing the dates and times she supposedly had all sorts of lesbian dalliances (boo on him). His threats never made it anywhere, probs cause Janet has a mad good lawyer. But mostly cause all one really has to do for a buffet of all you can eat girl-on girl dalliances is pick up her "Velvet Rope" album. That album is so homosexual, it makes ME look like a Gossip Girl.

Much like Madonna, Janet has ALWAYS been an advocate for all that is queer. I personally think she's dabbled privately more than once, but whatevs...the most important thing is that she does THIS...publicly (ya heard) :

Exhibit A:
This is an interlude on Velvet Rope...seems pretty damn realistic to me!

Exhibit B:
Janet sings a cover of Rod Stewart's "Tonight's the Night"--a song about helping a woman lose her virginity--without changing the lyrics. As an added bonus, an extremely enterprising fan has created this fanvid using footage from Janet's videos, and footage of Rihanna to create the following (BADASS-wish-it-were-true) story:
This love affair takes place in the 1940s; Janet Jackson plays a famous (lesbian) actress/singer who is very busy and travels all over the world, leaving her lover (Rihanna) behind(all sad and alone) and so since Janet is back in town, we'll let's just say "Tonight's the Night."
- xoxofashiianista

Exhibit 69:
10 or so hot chicks sharing one motel room in the middle of the desert (for no apparent reason but to keep me up at night), and one of them smellin' panties the next morning. Yep, sounds real *straight* to me;-)

And another tit bit--Janet once said in an interview that if she were going to have a "lesbian fling," it would be with Alicia Keys.

*The sound you hear is that of 1 million lesbian jaws dropping in unison.


Anonymous said...

I am a big Janet Jackson fan, she has said she has had crushes on women and sleeps in the bed with some of her female dancers when she is on tour. Her video All Night (Dont stop) is so gay from male on male dancing to girls grabing and putting their faces in her crotch watch it in slow motion to catch it all

ms. jacque said...

i like this one. enjoyed your blog.

jenny said...

janet is the sexiest, sweetest, most beautiful star in the sky. the velvet rope record is by far my favorite of all. some couples say they are aloud to sleep with one star... mine is JANET!