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Saturday, January 01, 2011

They Can Guard My Body Anytime

Kimberly Peirce ("Boys Don't Cry" and "Stop/Loss" director) posted this today. I totally get goosebumps when I watch it, so I wanted to share. This is what Kimberly said about it:
...this is pretty hot for the new year -- the new female president of brazil in her black rolls royce with her gangster female praetorian guard running alongside!

Wow, seriously, how HOT and awesome is that??


nerdmafia said...

so, i thought it was so cool when obama had his first little inaugural parade and whatnot...i was wrong. black presidents are so tired to me right now. this is so HOT...i'm pretty sure i dreamed this.

Solo said...

and she is bulgarian....half....and im proud :))