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Monday, June 20, 2011

2 Broke Girls... and 1 VERY Happy Lesbian

I've been yelling at you guys for YEARS (ok 2.) to follow Molly McAleer aka Molls on twitter cause she makes Twitter life worth living. She recently made the announcement that she's been hired to write for probably the most anticipated new comedy of the Fall season (besides "The New Girl," which she could write for too, IMO!) This is huge news. HUGE. Here's a clip of the show. Oh and uh, you will notice right away that it stars Ms. Kat Dennings. Molls writing a funny tv show that stars Kat Dennings. My hope chest* IS working!

(If you're outside of the US, you can see this vid by going to:

The show looks REALLY cute and funny...and with THE best primetime comedy time slot in television (between Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother...whoa) I see it sticking around for quite a while. I know I'll be watching it every week religiously. I dig the premise and the edgy humor wrapped up in *pretty*. And it'll be REALLY cool to try and guess which lines/bits Molly came up with. Perhaps we can turn that into a national drinking game amongst us ladies? I'll of course do shots of Trader Joe's Green Essentials...or like, caramel. And you guys can hit the harder stuff.

I first discovered Molls (well, like Columbus "discovered" America) two years ago when I was fiddlin' around Youtube, as I do, and I came across this amazing moment in modern history:

Starting at about 1:20 into it, I pretty much died. The "fingerbanging in a recording studio/Michael Cera" bit STILL to this day (literally to this day) trips me OUT. "Things got a little bit fantastical." haha...

You can join me in proposing marriage to Molls at least once per week by following her on twitter at, and you can see her official site

*As you might have suspected, when I say my "hope chest," I do in fact mean the various lady-bosoms I rub for good luck from time to time.