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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The One Where Arlan Can't Think of a Title.

son of a bitch! 2 episodes into the new Real World and im starting to like it. why does this happen EVERY single season?? i swear to myself that i wont care. i dont even watch MTV anymore. but somehow i find out about the new seasons and i watch the first episodes (somehow)...and then BAM. im hooked.

also, i just watched the Daily Show with Jon Stewart like i do every night. and Tom Waits was on. i was excited cause they said he was gonna perform and i'd never heard his music before. ive heard such good things about him and he's an inspiration to lots of my favorite artists. well, his interview was fantastic. very interesting. but i supposed to like his singing? someone help me out here. why does he sound like the dude on that Fugees interlude. you remember? they go into a chinese restaurant "in the hood" and that dude gets crazy and kicks their asses. well Tom Waits sounds like that dude. i have an open mind, especially when it comes to music, so all you lovely people, tell me what im missing here.

there's nothing gayer than me complaining about shit, but i feel i should get just a wee bit more lesbian. so here goes...

Lily Tomlin. thats right. *love her* she's been in almost 50 movies. click here to see the list. there are too many to post about here:-) i also really like this list of quotes by Lily.

Lily is a 67 year-old lesbian. so that would make her...a GILF? hmm let me think about that. sorry for the mental image. i dont really wanna like, DO her. i just wanna hang with her. she's funny as hell. sharp as a tack. fast as a whip. or something.

here she is in an awesome scene from a great 80s movie, "Big Business."

if you click on Lily's name above, it'll take you to her website where you can see all of her upcoming appearances. and looky what i found:

January 27, 2007 (Sat)

Special Performance on first evening of
Olivia's Caribbean Islands Cruise
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tickets: (800) 631-6277 or
Time: 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

anyone going on this cruise? and while im asking, anyone ever been on an Olivia cruise before? if so, tell me about it. a ship full of lesbians. sounds like heaven!

looking at that "Big Business" clip made me think of Lily's (gay, but not lesbian--you dig?) co-star Bette Midler. my favorite movie of all time is "Beaches." and my favorite song of all time is "The Rose." so Bette = *heart* you see.

and people are ALWAYS asking me what lesbian movies they should rent. i usually start them off with a list of 5-10, starting with "Lost & Delirious" and working my way down the list, going from most boobage, to least. but i always forget Beaches. nope, Barbara Hershey and Bette never get it on (i so wish). but its a film we all should see. so go rent it and watch it for me. and then when its over, pop in "Wild Things" just to take the edge off. oh, and make out with your straight friend who you've been checking out all night while youre pretending to just be reaching back for more popcorn.

this is a clip of the beginning of the movie. little known fact: i was originally cast to play Bette Midler at 12. but then the fuckin' hand-walking queer got the role. son of a bitch!:

im random today, huh? its the Krav Maga. seriously.

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Anonymous said...

So i checked out that Krav Maga, that was AWESOME! coolest thing i've seen all week. Your posts always make me smile. Thanks Arlan!