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Friday, January 05, 2007

i thought i brought sexy back, but oh well

i'm going to see Justin Timberlake on Monday. not really excited about seeing him, but um...Pink is opening for him. so i'm going to see P to the muthafuckin INK! yaaay. do you know how much i love her??

much like the show i will be seeing, this vid has too much Timberlake and not enough "pink". but it also has a couple of nice little surprises. watch it all. then once youre finished watching it, go read this:-)

**bonus fantasy of the day:**


doin' it.

in your living room.


CRYSTAL said...

o shit, ive always fatasized about those 70 girls, this is the greatest website ever

marilee said...

funny: i just downloaded both of those pictures in high-res for my desktop two or three days ago, tops. hahaha.

~G-siz~ said...

Haha that's so rad that you would put mila and laura on your blog, funny thing is i just got ssns. 1-5 of that 70s show and i'v been watching it every night for a night cap. lol what a coinky dink! We're destined. lol much love<3Gen

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

the fact that you said "coinky dink" makes me think we're even more destined. :-)

Meeks said...


Hot girls bringing sexy back!

Hot 70's chicks!

*fans self*

Thanks know how to kick off the day right!

robin said...

ok, i know you're not too excited about seeing timberlake bring his sexy and all that shit back, but while you're there, please think of me and how i would go straight for one night with him. kinda. only for a second. ok, nevermind. dont even think about that cause now I have even thrown up in my mouth a little...