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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Your Daily Lesbian! - Alis, 19

Name: Alis
Age: 19
Location: Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Status: Single
Looking for: Friends, Relationship

"Aybaybay, I'm Elise but spelt differently. I'm an out 19 year old who is currently residing in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. I just recently moved back here from California. Why, do you ask? I moved to California to be guessed it, a girl. We just recently broke up, so I decided to move back. Which was pretty stupid on my behalf considering there are fewer lesbians out this way, but that's where ya'll come in.

Allow me to elaborate. I'm looking for some new friends...maybe some people in the area to go to some gay spots with, or even some new friends to discuss gay things with. I'm as gay as they come but I never go out with gay people and do gay things! I feel deprived as a lesbian. Straight friends can only do so much! I know some of you small towners feel me on that.

I enjoy anything sports related (go figure), music, movies, clubs, parties, you name it. I like it. Most often you'll find me at a club/party with friends, visiting haunted places just to try and freak ourselves out, or simply sitting at home watching GSN because I'm a game show junkee. I love music, it's my medicine...from Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Taylor Swift to Timbaland and The Used. I'm definitely nocturnal. I love the night and the night life. If you're witty, spontaneous, laid back and ambitious, hit me up at my myspace link . Thanks :)"

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