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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Top 10 Gay(ish) Things That Are Rockin' My Socks Right Now

I've been mad busy with the magazine, so I haven't had a chance to tell you guys about a lot of cool things that are happening. Click on any picture to get more information about each thing on the list!

10. My wife in "House Bunny." It's a silly movie, but uh, I'm going to see it today. Won't you join me? Yeah I'm just as surprised as you are that I waited a whole 24 hours before seeing it and wasn't lined up overnight like a Harry Potter premiere.

They're looking at one of me and the wife's homemade sex tapes. Yes, it's that awe-inspiring.

9. Uh Huh Her release their first full-length album "Common Reaction"
*click here to hear/buy*
And check out this highly entertaining episode of "Rock Star Guide to the Universe (Part 1)" that features Leisha, Camila and even an appearance by Linda Perry. The rockdoc is directed by YDLM readers Shae Voyeur and Lauren...Voyeur?

You can see Part 2 on youtube or on Shae's site, linked above.

8. "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" on DVD! I saw it twice last Fall during its West Hollywood screening and loved it. It's good times!
*click to purchase!*

7. Be in Melange Lavonne's new music video!
You've seen her on LOGO, now here's your chance to be part of the next chapter in Melange's musical/activist career:
click for more info on the casting call!

6. Girltrash releases 12-episodes as a movie TODAY. Girltrash announced today on myspace that they'd be showing the full 12-episodes as a "movie." To be honest, I don't know if this means we'll be seeing anything new, or just everything pieced together, but I do know that this is the same thing that won at a Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and that hot bitches abound in every scene. So I'll be checking out the page later today to see what (and who) is really goin down...
*Click* I say, click. Good lesbian.

5. Cherry Bomb keeps crankin out new, amazing episodes! If you haven't checked them out yet, prepare to fall in semi-drunk lesbian at a time. *bless*
clique here!

4. Digiromp: the new lesbian crack? I've been called "lesbian crack" hopefully this won't completely take over my title. But damn, I clock more hours on this site per day than I do pervin' on my Mcphee and Rachel Shelley combined. What's up wif 'at??

The video is out of sync...Kodak's my bad...
Click mang...

3. Margaret Cho's NEW VH1 Show! Um...did you guys see it when it premiered last Thursday? It was outta sight! I loved it. I'm sure they're going to repeat a bagillion times, so definitely tune in if you haven't yet.
Click down on down on it...

2. Killola's new cd is available FREE right now! Um, as if these guys couldn't get any cooler, they just released their whole cd for frickin' free. Wowsa! It's bomb, yall. Just click on any song titles below, and get to bustin'. The coolest part? Each track starts out with a little intro from one of the band members. *giggle*

Killola TrueAnthem Music
If you were tuning in to my last live webcam chat last week, you might have heard me mention something about how I frequently have crazy threesomes with Lisa and Johnny and how Lisa always sticks her full leg up my vagina to seduce me, while Johnny plays Guitar Hero. Then after we all make passionate love, Lisa kicks me out of bed, throws dollar bills at my chest and tells me to "figure it out" as I weep on the side of the bed. I just wanted to clear something up. I might have fibbed a bit here. Lisa...well...she throws $5 bills at me. She's not as frugal as I made her out to be.

1. The web release of INTERLUDE magazine!! much to say...
Read aaaaall about it by clicking here!!!


Meg [the Avenger] said...

Just wanted you to know that, because of your sexy promotion of 'The Itty Bitty Titty Committee', I ordered it (with the shirt, of course!) last week and it came in the mail today. I jumped like a little school girl when I saw it in my mailbox. I'll be checking it out tonite with some friends. Thanks for spreading the word!

I'm wearing the shirt now, and only the shirt. Hotness. ;)

BrittleSkittles said...

The new M.Cho show is fucking bonkers! Love it!!! And thanks for the Killola album!!!... FREE is so rad!
If you want the entire record (and the two bonus songs) then press "download album for free" right above the drum set. The two bonus songs are amayzin.

Meg said...

Oh and let's not forget about OT3P playing the DNC!!!!

I'm addicted to Cherry Bomb. I tune in every Friday religiously.

Britani Rae said...

Too bad that Girltrash video was so disappointing! Oy. But everything else on that list is fab! Especially Killola. They rock so hardcore! haha.

Jincey said...

Thanks for the plug, love.

Took myself to see House Bunny last night, and it was cute... a little silly, but totally watch-able. Lots of lesbian undertones and no action, though (sadly). It would have been so amazing to see your wife hooking up with that red head chick. Mmmmmmm.


Great top ten. . .you have to teach me that trick where you solicit topless pics with a dead on serious face. . .and tho the vid is out of sync its like dude your face is so serious. . .your video covinced me to check out this digiromp, and possibly a few of my own topless pics. . .
Well Happy Blogging, Peace!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Congratulations!

We love the magazine! You did a wonderful job with it.

This is Justin by the way, from Queer Youth podcast. We're friends with you on myspace and saw this link.

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on the magazine. It looks amazing.

Queer Youth Podcast

Elizabeth said...

I'm going to go see House Bunny (probably by myself) because I'm a fan of Anna Faris and because Emma Stone is so adorable... :)

Elise said...

Woot! I got a free subscription of Interlude! Thanks Arlan!

Skylar said...

Monique from GirlTrash is Rose Rollins(Tahs Williams) from The L-Word... swoon